Real-time Trainer

Once you've selected an athlete, choose an exercise, you'll find yourself at the Live Trainer screen that looks like this:

When you're ready, simply add the weight you have on the bar, get ready, and hit Start Exercise!

Bar Balance

You will immediately notice the barbell level start to fluctuate and precisely represent the balance of the barbell. If you get off balance on either side, an audio cue will alarm you in real-time. When the barbell is off-balance, it'll look similar to this:


Two arrows on the screen represent Avg. V for both concentric and eccentric movements, or Up & Down depending on the exercise, for easier reference.


When sound is on, you have the choice to receive instant velocity audio feedback.
A "negative" sound will play when your rep is slower than the previous one, and a "positive" sound will play when you hit a faster rep compared to the previous one - this helps train and motivate athlete's intent when training, creating a healthy competitive vibe - it's in our spirit as athletes to want to beat our previous results!


Collecting velocity data during every session, besides the real-time benefits, you(or a coach) are then able to analyze/chart data, see where your weaknesses lie and when you're ready to level up! Establishing a load-velocity profile has been proven to be very beneficial, as it allows you to (or the coach) alter workouts on a daily basis depending on readiness (and outside stressors).

Check out this graph

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